Labor Law

Fields of Specialty

Handling employment matters is part of the routine legal issues required by our clients. Beginning with initial negotiations between the employer and the employee, drafting an employment agreement, advice on the topic of employee-employer relationship, terminating the working relationship, dismissal and resignation, and according to need representation in labor court. We consult employers and employees.

Employee Onboarding:
How must an employment agreement be drafted? . What are the employees’ rights? What is the proper way to deal with an employee’s disputes with his employer? These issues and others are in the minds of employees and employers alike.

Employee rights:
Is it possible and under what conditions can a pregnant employee be dismissed? What are the rights of a female employee undergoing fertility treatments? And is a female employee undergoing fertility treatments entitled to the protections applicable to a pregnant employee? These kinds of questions and more are raised often. Our firm specialized in dealing with these complex and delicate matters.

Dismissal of an employee and a hearing: :
What is a hearing? How should the hearing proceeding take place? An employer who is considering laying-off an employee, is obligated to uphold a pre-dismissal “hearing”. Upholding the hearing lawfully is important in the essential aspect of the dismissal, and breaching it may unjustifiably harm the employee and expose the employer to law suits and considerable costs. We consult our clients and accompany the proceeding.