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We are a law firm - Israeli-Segev

The law firm of Israeli-Segev, is an experienced and dynamic law firm which relies on decades of experience (since 1985), and has made excellence and personal service its motto.

The expanded office was established in 2020 by consolidating the activities of two law firms, the law offices of Yaakov Israeli & Partners and Amir Segev & Partners. By its establishment, the founders sought to offer to the firm’s clients services in a wide range of legal fields tangential to one another, while combining the skills of the two joining offices without losing the relative advantage of boutique offices.

The firm engages in the provision of comprehensive consultancy and accompaniment services to its clients in all areas of civil and commercial law, including contract law, real estate, planning and construction laws, banking law, labor law, bankruptcies, receiverships and liquidation, administrative law, corporate law, associations, laws of succession and more. The firm provides ongoing legal services, consultancy and legal accompaniment to businesses from their time of initiation and throughout the operation of the business.

The firm has vast experience in court representation (litigation) in all its fields of engagement. In its litigation activity, the firm specializes in representation in all courts in matters of business and commercial disputes, class actions, financial claims, as well as in arbitration and mediation proceedings. The firm has proven experience in class actions, consumerism and more.

Next to the firm’s activities in the fields of private law, the firm has vast experience in the fields of public and administrative law, in representing public-oriented bodies as well as representing groups of plaintiffs.

Our firm has extensive working relationships with other law firms in Israel and abroad, as well as with other professionals in tangent and required areas such as: accountants, Israeli and international taxation experts, appraisers, architects, economists, engineers, patent attorneys, contractors, entrepreneurs, banks in Israel and abroad, funding and financing bodies, realtors, insurance companies and agents and more, all in an effort to provide the client a comprehensive service. The firm deals with the establishment of companies in Israel and abroad, establishing complex trusts, banking services in Israel and abroad, personal capital management and virtual currencies.

The firm is most active and recognized in its activities in the field of insolvency, including liquidation of companies, bankruptcies, creditors’ settlements, receiverships and more, and it is part of a pool of trusties licensed on behalf of the Ministry of Justice – the official receiver of the State of Israel (the “Commissioner”) in accordance with insolvency law, to serve as trustees in insolvency proceedings of individuals and in the liquidation of companies.

The office engages in all areas of real estate, among other things in the representation of clients in the purchase and sale of apartments and plots (private and agricultural), structures and buildings, offices and businesses, factories and industrial buildings, commercial income-producing real estate, as well as provides its clients in Israel and abroad property management services. The firm deals in the required tangent fields such as planning and construction laws and business licensing. The firm has expertise in representing tenants in urban renewal (residential buildings in need of renovation or rebuilding as part of NOP-38 or ‘Evacuation-Building’).

The firm is recognized for its ability to provide services in French as well, and among its clients there are many Israelis living in France (or those of French descent).

In the fields of family and succession laws, the firm specializes in drafting financial agreements, succession law, drafting wills, estate distribution agreements, guardianship and other supplementary fields. The firm has expertise and certification for drafting Ongoing Power of Attorney.

The office further provides its clients with collection services from debtors including execution cases and collection.

The majority of the firm’s clients accompany it for many years and the firm enjoys the stability of the relationship and the reliance on the reputation acquired over the years while maintaining a personal relationship between the assigned attorney and the client.

Our firm believes in professionalism and decency and we invest efforts in identifying the true need of the client and examining the possible avenues of action in compliance with those needs.

We will be happy to listen and advise you on any question and matter.

The purpose of this website – is to enable you to reach us with a push of a button. In addition, you can reach useful sites and other sources of information through our website.

The firm's clients

The firm’s clients include clients in a variety of fields including: the State of Israel Official Receiver (Commissioner of Insolvency, Ministry of Justice), local authorities, industrial companies, companies in the fields of metal industry, electronic packaging, electronics, optic industries for the defense industry, computer technologies, computer infrastructures, development and production of flexible packaging, enrichment educational products for toddlers and children, import and marketing of components for the metal, plastic and medical industries, production and import of products in the electricity field, companies in the fields of real estate and infrastructure development, companies in the field of production and import of products for the car industry, in the field of importing medical and paramedical products, companies in the fields of insurance, entrepreneurs, investors, contractors and real estate entrepreneurs, architects and more.

The firm’s clients further include associations, public benefit companies and organizations which engage in services for the benefit of the public such as, assistance in the fields of fertility, commemorative associations, synagogues and more.

Naturally and out of a strict adherence to binding ethical rules, we will not specify the names of our clients, however, upon demand, we will be happy to refer to you to them in order to be directly impressed by the quality of the service provided by the office.