Copyrights, Technology and Computers

Fields of Specialty

Registering a patent? Software protection? Trade mark registration? Trade name protection? Protecting technology or a developed formula? How to protect an idea from copying it? When should you register a trademark? How to protect my idea from copying? The importance of protecting the intellectual property of a business cannot be taken lightly. It is possible to do so using varied means and in a professional manner.

Does the “Spam Law” prohibit the delivery of text messages (SMS) to clients? Can you, and under what conditions are you allowed to send advertisement materials through the email or “Bluetooth”? To what extent is the owner of a website responsible for the content in it? Is a website or an internet search website responsible for a bad reputation that derives from using the site?

The developing computing technology sets new challenges in the field, and we, according to need and with the help of external experts in the field as well, will help you deal with them successfully.