Court Representation

Fields of Specialty

Court representation is a specific specialty, with experience being a huge advantage. The proper handling begins with choosing the right steps for dealing with the matter and selecting the appropriate type of proceeding and assessing its chances. Orientation in the relevant legal field constitutes an additional advantage.

Our firm has extensive experience in the field of litigation, including in areas of commercial and contract laws, for private clients, companies and businessmen, institutions and banks. The firm also specializes in financial claims and knows to complete the treatment as needed with collection proceedings through the Enforcement and Collection Bureau (“Execution Office”). The firm also specializes in litigation in the field of real estate law. Have you purchased a property and it is not registered in your name? The contractor “went bankrupt”? We will try to assist you so that the property will be registered in your name like it should have been, sometimes with a lawsuit for the provision of a receivership order for the purpose of registration.