Fields of Specialty

Drafting a contract of any kind (and commercial contracts in particular) requires professional understanding in the field dealt with, a thorough examination of the interests pertaining to it and conducting informed negotiations. of course necessary, however, it is not enough in order to guarantee a professional outcome.

In any contract it is best to examine the appropriate arrangement, the parties’ undertakings according to it, possible consequences in case of a breach and the set of collaterals that will reduce the risk of damage.

Our firm has diverse experience in drafting international agreements including agreements between our clients and foreign governments.

Our firm is experienced in commercial contracts, entrepreneurship and franchising contacts, founding agreements, and of course contracts in the field of real estate, as well a legal representation in all these areas.

Is it worth it to establish a company? Who should? When? What is the array of documents and agreements between the company’s entrepreneurs and themselves? How do you liquidate an existing company? What is a “voluntary liquidation” of a company? How do you purchase an existing company? The corporate law enables extensive flexibility in all that pertains to the structure of rights in the company. Proper legal consultancy involves experience and requires tailoring a special “suit” suitable for each client. Our firm specializes in providing advice and solutions on all these issues, from the initial planning stage and up to implementation.

Our office specializes in the establishment and liquidation of companies in Israel and abroad and makes sure to accompany the company from the very first day.

The firm specialized in drafting “tailor made” founders’ agreements, while identifying their current and future needs, handling it all according to need, as well as having success in complex litigation in these fields.